Edward Sahakian Cigar Shop, Bulgari Hotel, Knightsbridge

Edward Sahakian Cigar Shop , Bulgari Hotel, Knightsbridge

Located in Knightsbridge on the edge of Hyde Park, London's Bulgari Hotel is both a haven of calm in the centre of the city and yet under a minute's walk from such landmarks as the famous Harrod's department store.

I visited this fantastic dedicate cigar lounge in the beautiful 5 star Bulgari Hotel in May 2013.

You dont have to be a guest of the hotel to take advantage of the cigar lounge which is to the rear of the hotel and up a short flight of stairs.

The staff were fantastic and the range of cigars extensive. You could also get bar service from the comfort of the lounge ,so no need to go downstairs to order a cold beer or glass of wine.

They often hold events pairing cigars and various wines and spirits.

Internationally renowned and multi-award winning cigar merchant Edward Sahakian's eponymous Cigar Shop and Sampling Lounge at the Bulgari has established itself as the premier Knightsbridge destination for connoisseurs in search of truly exceptional vintage cigars. Specialising in rare Havanas that are quite simply unobtainable elsewhere, the cigars are sourced from Edward Sahakian's private collection, which has been assembled over the last forty years.

The provenance and condition of each cigar is unimpeachable and unparalleled and this gem of a location has rapidly established itself as an international landmark for cigar lovers who find themselves in the British capital. Run by Edward and his son Eddie, the cigar shop at the Bulgari offers such treasures as the fabled Davidoff 80 Aniversario, the Gran Corona made in Cuba for the 80th birthday of Zino Davidoff in 1986; the Churchill sized Davidoff Dom Perignon and a near complete range of Cuban Davidoffs.

Other rarities include the majority of Reserva and Gran Reserva cigars as well as a carefully curated selection of the very best Edicion Limitadas made in Cuba since the turn of the century: aficionados will be pleased to find such cult cigars as the Cohiba Sublime Edicion Limitada 2004 and the Cohiba Double Corona Edicion Limitada 2003. Whether buying a single cigar to taste in the fully-equipped wood panelled sampling room, with its state of the art air purification system, or purchasing an entire box of cigars customers can rely on expert advice. Moreover the cigar shop offers the additional service of storage and long term ageing of customers' cigars. Upon consigning cigars, customers are presented with a written and photographic inventory that is regularly updated. Given the exceptional and often irreplaceable nature of these cigars, security is of paramount importance and cigars are stored in a locked, temperature and humidity controlled vault on site, which replicates the conditions of the Sahakians' own 'keep'. Cigars at the Bulgari are stored at 11 degrees centigrade and at a relative humidity of 68%, which remains unvaried throughout the year to ensure an even pace of maturation.

Mike Choi
Edward Sahakian Cigar Shop Manager

Bulgari Hotel & Residences London
171 Knightsbridge
London SW7 1DW
+44 (0) 207 151 1101
+44 (0) 207 151 1011


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