The Melbourne Supper Club

The Melbourne Supper Club- SIGLO cigar bar

Sitting above The Melbourne supper club in Siglo is, for the most part, a broad open-air rooftop terrace with views over Spring Street and Parliament House. But this is hardly The Supper Club's smoking section. Siglo is a great bar in its own right, even on the coldest of winter nights, as long as you're sitting under one of the many mushroom heaters.

This might not be Melbourne's cheapest drinking options, but you get what you pay for - table service from attentive and knowledgeable staff, a substantial wine and cocktail list and sophisticated late-night atmosphere.

It's a great place for a celebration with a group, effortlessly accommodated in the clusters of wooden benches. And if you're the kind that likes to celebrate with a fat Cuban, you've come to the right place - the Humidor is a sight to behold.

Siglo, like its downstairs neighbour, is geared towards a late supper, offering a range of options from foie gras to party pies, as well as a selection of classic desserts like tiramisu or creme brulée.

Level 2, 161 Spring Street
(03) 9654 6631

I would highly reccomend this as a late night and in fact all night place to get a drink and gret food.

The Siglo cigar bar has a great range of cigars for all your cigar tastes.


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