Essential Cigar Accesories

There many kinds of essential accesories to enable you to enjoy your cigar smoking, I have put a review together of accesories that I use.


I have several cutters from the XIKAR range which I will review in this section.

I have a bullet cutter, straight cut or traditional cutter and a V cut which is my personal favourite.

The Bullet cutter has a variety of settings to cut a hole in the end of your cigar, it allows the cigar to draw well and is a unique way of cutting the cigar for smoking

The straight cut ,this cutter is unique to XIKAR and gives a staight cut with a squeeze grip that provides a clean cut and easy to use squeeze action

The V cut, is a new method of cutting to me but provides a V shaped cut at the end of the cigar and allows the cigar to draw really well when being smoked

The scissor cut, as the name suggests is a scissor action that requires accuracy to use, i think the straight cut cutter provides a more accurate cut

XIKAR multi tool


Humidors are essential for keeping your cigars in a humidity controlled environment whether your traveling or storing your cigars at home or the office.

Many humidors come with a guage to measure the humidty in your humidor which should be between 60-70 % humidity.

XIKAR have great travel humidors to take your cigars ,cutter and lighter.

There many shapes,sizes and styles of humidor.I have a home humidor and travel humidor. The travel humidor is capable of keeping your cigars at the right level of humidty,but I tend to travel with cigars that are in tubes for added protection